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Edinburgh City FC declare support for the Big Step's campaign

Edinburgh City FC have announced they are supporting our campaign to end all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football.  In doing so, they have become the first Scottish football club to call...
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Footballers, including Ronaldo, must say no to gambling adverts

Words by James Grimes, Founder of The Big Step During a Euro 2020 press conference this week, Cristiano Ronaldo removed two perfectly placed bottles of Coca Cola and encouraged viewers to drink water instead. ...

The Big Step 5 in a nutshell

Ten days. Thirty people. Nearly three hundred miles. Millions of steps contributed by remote walkers across the country. It could only be the Big Step 5. Last Sunday, following a herculean effort, a group...
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2.5% – a price worth paying for a gambling sponsorship ban?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes. To find out why and how, read on.  Words by Tom Fleming Money. It forms the basis of the most common argument we hear when a potential ban on gambling sponsorship...
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The Big Step 5: why we’re walking

On June 4th, a group of over 30 people harmed by gambling will set off from Scotland and walk nearly 300 miles over a period of 10 days, arriving at Wembley Stadium on June 13th. But why, we hear you ask! ...
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The Big Step is about to get even bigger!

After the success of our last walk in March, this June we’ll be attempting our biggest-ever Big Step!  Ahead of England playing Scotland in the upcoming European Football Championships, we’ll be walking...
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Do international tournaments have a gambling problem?

For us football fans, major international tournaments are sacred biennial events; for the gambling industry, they are the golden ticket to exploit more people and make more money. Words by Tom Fleming...
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Gambling in the UK: the figures behind the headlines

Gambling is big business in the UK, but at what cost? Words by Tom Fleming With the recent news that Denise Coates, CEO of Bet365, has been paid over £1 billion over the last four years, we’ve...
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Our letter to Reading Football Club

We have written to Reading FC, calling on the club to end it’s relationship with ‘Casumo’. Following the company’s failures of social responsibility (as outlined below), including allowing...
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The Big Step: the faces behind the miles

This weekend, hundreds of people up and down the country will be walking for change and calling for end to harmful gambling advertising and sponsorship in football. But who are the people walking the steps...
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